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arekkusu [Web interface to update status]
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 ====== Space API ====== ====== Space API ======
-http://​hackerspaces.nl/​spaceapi/​+<nspages -h1 -exclude -textPages="​Liste projects"​ -SimpleList>​ 
 +====== About Space API ======
-====== PTL json file ======+From http://​spaceapi.net/​
-  * http://​www.posttenebraslab.ch/​api/​status.json+<WRAP center round info 60%> 
 +What is the Space API?
-====== Web interface ​to update status ======+The purpose of the Space API is to define a unified specification across the hackerspaces that can be used to expose information to web apps or any other application. The specification is based on the JSON data interchange format. 
-Written in python using Bottlepy framework.+Please check the [[projects:​ptl_status_api:​start|PTL Status API]] 
-**EARLY version - work in progress ** {{:​projects:​spaceapi:​www_app.tar.gz|}} 
-===== Bottlepy and apache ===== 
-  * Need to install ​ mod_wsgi 
-Change to site-enabled config file to work with bottlepy: {{:​projects:​spaceapi:​bottle_apache_config.tar.gz|}} 
-More info on bottlepy.org 
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