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This site is an overview of all PTL projects. If you are you have an idea for a project or if you are planning or working on one, you can add it here.

Project Status Working on it
lab-led-array Idea Falko
arduino emulator work in progress Michael
arduino monome complete Paul
RepRap Mendel work in progress Falko
fresnel-lens grill work in progress Erik
RepRap Mendel finished Daniel
Plastic polymorph finished Daniel
twitter light finished Paul
LED bedside lamp retrofit done (twice!) Paul
shapercube 3D Printer parts at home Paul
CNC machine for PTL planning Paul
laserharp1 work in progress Paul
Turbinomat work in progress Falko
known sources of material work in progress everyone
Music pedals idea Claire Henschke
Install and equip our local work in progress everyone
improve local's access work in progress everyone
Logo work in progress everyone
beer aging Erik
scrollingLEDmatrix finished Paul
groupes d'intérêts work in progress everyone
add yours here


Put your name if you want be involve in a particular project

[currentProject] | Interested in joining "work in progress" project
Nomarduino emulatorfresnel-lens grillRepRaplaserharp1Turbinomatequip locallocal's access
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