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Plus d'nformations sur l'association.
Rejoignez-nous chaque mardi au weekly meeting, ouvert à tous.
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More information about our association.
Join us every tuesday at our weekly meeting (en), open to everyone.
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3D printing a silicone mold

Check out this article by Jay on how to model and 3D print a mold for silicone injection! Very cool stuff: 3D printing molds

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Alternatiba 2016

On Saturday September 24th we presented PTL to Geneva's alternative crowd, showing an assortment of projects:


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Talk: Cooking for Geeks

Le mardi 13 septembre à 19h30 présenation par Guillaume sur le contenu du livre “Cooking for Geeks” de Jeff Potter www.cookingforgeeks.com

Lifehacker a fait un bon résumé du contenu.

Merci de remplir le doodle suivant si le sujet vous intéresse.

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PTL-ino Case

Checkout out the new cases for PTL-ino boards in laser cut acrylic.

Check the projects page here:

2016/07/09 20:03 · charafantah · 1 Commentaire

DrinkingBuddy RFID payment system

Our new RFID payment system has entered the test phase!

It will be used to pay for the drinks and food at PTL.

Members, do not forget to ask for your free RFID next time you're in PTL.

Check the project's page here

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