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We are still in the phase of setting up our space. To have some idea of its current state and for more photos, see the page for Avenue de la Praille 36, Carouge.

Our objectives

  • Create an open community of hackers, artists, and open source/hardware enthusiasts to create, share, learn, and collaborate.
  • Help spread knowledge to the larger community, especially in the areas of technology, DIY, security, and privacy.
  • Provide a space for creating, collaborations, workshops, and classes.
  • Provide resources (hardware, tools, materials, access, knowledge) to members and the community.
  • Assist other groups that share similar objectives.
  • Seek to enable others, and others' projects; to help break down barriers; and to avoid erecting barriers.

Get in contact with us!

For more information you can also contact us:
by mail: comite@posttenebraslab.ch
or telephone: +41 76 743 44 47
Tel local: +41 22 566 01 87

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