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Known Sources of Material

The goal of this project is to regroup in one place the answers to the eternal question: where did you get that stuff?

There are plenty of lists of sources of materials on the Internet (list your favorite lists here if you like), but what we are really looking for here is information on sources that you have actually used at one point.

So, the rules are:

  1. Give adequate information on where to find the source or material. A URL is a very good start.
  2. Describe in general what material is available.
  3. Describe advantages and disadvantages of the source and the materials you found there.
  4. Give any other information that you think might be useful.
  5. Please give your name and examples of material that you acquired from the source.


Distrelec is a large “serious” distributor of electronic components, computer material, and some consumer electronics. I (Erik Rossen) have been using them for many years and I have never had a problem with them. They usually have what I need in stock (if it is in their online catalog), and they send it fast, within a day or two. The only disadvantage with Distrelec is cost; everything they sell is 10-20% more expensive than average. But if you are in a hurry, it is a good place to go.

ELV is a new source for me (Erik Rossen). I recently purchased some red and green LED traffic light arrays from them and at the same time they sent me their massive paper catalog. They have a fascinating array of gadgets with a few notable themes: LED lighting, surveillance gadgets, and hobbyist electronics. Advantages: Prices a bit cheaper than Distrelec (it seems), and much more “fun” stuff. Disadvantage (for me): everything in German - no French or English.

Conrad is like ELV, i.e. plenty of fun stuff, but more expensive. At least they have a French website now. I (Erik Rossen) honestly do not remember the last time I got something from them…

Deal Extreme specialises in importing/exporting gadgets, mostly from China. They also put together grouped offers to buy pallets of particularly interesting objects. Advantages: interesting stuff, sometimes quite cheap. Disadvantages: extremely variable shipping time. Quoting Simon Schubert:

Yes, I've used them, and they are reliable.  That doesn't mean that
every $1 item is of perfect quality.  You get what you pay for.

Don't combine multiple items into one shipment, rather buy them all
separately.  They will otherwise hold off until all items are available.

It takes them usually a week or so to ship the item (if they can get
it), and about 3 weeks or so to arrive from Hong Kong.  Don't use DX for
something you need next week.  Otherwise, all is fine.

They usually mark down the value, but you shouldn't count on it.  You'll
definitely have to pay tax on the scope.

hobby-board Bien que situé aux US, ils sont spécialisés pour les puces OneWire de Dallas semiconductor, sondes de température et d'humidité, compteurs, entrées sorties DI/DO - AI/AO, éléments de station météo etc … . Voir la liste des produits OW. le site http://owfs.org/ permet de récupérer le soft de gestion du bus OW. J'ai principalement utilisé ces puces pour ma domotique sur SheevaPlug, se compile sans problème. J'ai commandé 4 fois sans aucun problème, délais de 10 jours, dans des petits paquets (non contrôlé par les douanes francaises !). Je ne sais pas ce que cela donne en Suisse. (Daniel Sermondadaz)

radiospares Similaire et concurrent de Distrelec en Europe sauf en Suisse. Délais rapide mais reste assez cher. Moi j'utilise une adresse d'entreprise pour la livraison en France ou il n'y a pas de frais de port (même pour un composant!) J'ai commandé depuis des années sans problème. (Daniel Sermondadaz)

boxtec.ch Ils ont des microcontrôleurs Arduino et compatibles, des composants et du petit materiel. Bon marché, livré en 2 jours. Bonne experience pour moi. (Sebastien Chassot)

ch.farnell.com Équivalant à distrelec plusieurs centaines de milliers de références. En stock ou avec délai si importé. Les prix sont bien plus raisonnable que chez distrelec. J'ai commandé depuis la suisse en pré-payement sans souci. (Sebastien Chassot)

Dshop Swiss distributer for Arduinos and other sensors and bits and pieces, including the free runner open source mobile phone. Prices a little elevated, but in Switzerland so no customs hassle. Quick delivery. I've used them for multiple orders without problem. (Paul Bristow)

Sure electronics Based in China (ships worldwide). Sells class D amplifier as complete device, amplfier board or kit. They also have power suplies and various electrocnics board (sensor…) as well as matrix LCD and led displays. I and a friend of mine both ordered amplfier board with no issue. The shipping is not the fastest (comes from China) but the price are atractive. Note: They also sell on Ebay. Usually prices are higher but include shipping so it can be cheaper overall. (Alexandre Rosenberg)


Plaast is the most inexpensive source of polymorph that I (Erik Rossen) have managed to find, about CHF18/kg when bought in 10kg quantities and shipped to someone in France. Polymorph is the most common brand name for polycaprolactone, a biodegradable polyester with a low melting point of around 60°C, useful for rapid prototyping. Advantage: cheap and focussed. Disadvantage: non-Swiss company so shipping and duty can get expensive if shipped to Switzerland. I actually bought my first kilogram of polymorph from MUTR in England. It cost CHF36 (!), delivered to Switzerland.

Sugru is a hand-moldable silicone rubber that hardens to a tough rubber after about 1 hour of exposure. It is sold in little 5-gram envelopes for about CHF1.50 per envelope, so it is very expensive per gram. The Sugru gallery has hundreds of user-submitted ideas for hacks that are doable with a few grams of the material. So far I have used 4 envelopes to replace the knob of a bathroom sink, to fix the handles of a pair of window blinds, and to add non-slip bumpers to my portable telephone. WARNING: Sugru has a 6-month shelf-life! But if it is kept cool, it lasts longer apparently.

Second hand IT

Feel free to add other source for second hand computer and other IT equipement.


Realise.ch “Réalise est une entreprise à but non lucratif qui a pour mission d'accompagner des adultes dans leur démarche de retour à l'emploi.” (Realise.ch). “Réalise est aujourd’hui le plus important revendeur de matériel informatique d’occasion. Ordinateurs, écrans, imprimantes et autres périphériques proviennent principalement de l’Etat de Genève, ainsi que de grandes entreprises, pour être traités dans notre atelier.” (Realise.ch) Présent au 13ème rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre à Genève. Dispose d'un magasin au Acacias (Rue Viguet 8). Heure d'ouverture (2012 - Alexandre)

Budgetcomputer.ch Sells second hand laptop, desktop LCD screen and accesories. Bought a ThinkPad X61s with docking station from them. I would say the price are fair overall. They also list on ricardo.ch but you're probably better off buying directly. (2012 - Alexandre)

Ricardo.ch Bigest auction site in Switzerland (similar to Ebay). You might find some good deal (or not). People listing desktop computer, server or other heavy items quite often don't want to ship them. You can sometime get a good deal by picking them up (obviously only practical if you're not living too far away). Payment is usually in advance by bank or postal transfer, which offer no protection but I've never had a problem. Don't forget to check seller's feedback. (2012 - Alexandre)

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